Content First Design

When it comes to creating a web page, there are two approaches you can take. You either start with the actual design of the site or you start with the content. While many argue which approach is the best approach when you consider that fact that you want to design the best UX design then there is little to no question that content should come first. The content first design focuses on the content of the web design first and often makes the content the focus of the design.

Why You Should Focus on Content First Design?

Less wasted time and revisions

When you begin your design with a fully approved copy you do not have to worry about updating or reworking your design to fit with a newly edited copy. Often times designer will begin the design phase and have to make revision not only to the content in the design but also to the design itself so that both the design and the content reflect one another. When you instead use a content first design approach you have the approved copy to work with, no wasted time, no slowing down, you already have everything you need to start and finish your design.

Better harmony

The design and the copy of a design, whether it be a landing page, print ad or homepage of a site the copy and the design aspects need to be in harmony. Often times the copy and the design will play off of one another and enhance the other element. When you begin with the design before the content you are designing blindly and can easily and more often create a design that does not fit with the content.

Better communication

Most often poor designs are the result of poor communication. You want to make sure that you design clearly communicates what you are trying to say. When you start the process with a focus on the content you know exactly what it is you are trying to say through the design. It gives you the ability to be a little more creative and effective in your design choices.

Better Understanding

Content is sometimes essential for searchers or viewers to actually understand certain aspects of your design. Many areas of your design can be overlooked or ignored by viewers simply because they have no idea what its purpose is. By having content include in these areas you can see a significant spike in the user’s interactions with these once overlooked and dead spaces. If you have noticed that an area of your design is not getting the attention it should the main problem is probably because it lacks the content the encourages the viewer to interact.

Content first design can easily help you be more effective in your design process. With the content or copy already on hand, you can create a more user-friendly and appealing page.

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