Typography in Web Design

A website is a great way to attract customers and visitors. Visitors will never appreciate a dull and boring looking website. A good looking website does not only increase traffic but impacts many other aspects. Your website design can have an impact on the readability, ease of use, navigation and much more. Typography plays a huge role in creating a pleasing experience for your website visitors. Typography can also be used to highlight the message and mood of the specific website.

What is Typography?

Typography is used to make a text look readable and legible. It deals with the arrangement of letters in such way that it makes them prominent and appealing. Designers can use point size, typeface, line length, line spacing, letter spacing and more font techniques to create a pleasant and readable arrangement of words and letters.

Importance of Typography in Web Design

It is a popular opinion that typography is the foundation of a good web design. It is foolish to believe that typography is merely font selection. A common man would say that colourful images are the best way to give a website that extra oomph. However, you would be surprised to know that website can be driven up to a whole new level without using any images. However, with the combination of good images and white space, you can create an even better website experience.

Many designers make the mistake of not giving their design a strong foundation. Using images, sounds and a lot more fluffy stuff will not have any significant impact if a visitor can’t read it, comprehend it and navigate through it. Therefore, typography is a great tool for designers.

How can a Designer Use Typography in Web Design?

Font Faces

It is a common practice of designers to use various font faces within the same website. There are two extremes; using a single font face or using too many. However, the perfect way is to find a balance between the two extremes. Use two or four font faces. Using too many can create confusion and using a single can have a dull effect.


The arrangement of the text is very important as it makes the web content readable. There are four basic alignment types that can also be found within a simple word document. These four include the right, left, centre and justified. The introduction of CSS and Photoshop has given designers more power of alignment. These new innovations have allowed designers to almost align text as they like.


Creativity is an important part of typography. Typography is one of the tools used to portray the message of the website. A design should be creative enough that the website is able to match the mood of the content that it is trying to communicate.

Typography is an amazing tool for designers. With improved technology and applications, designers have much more freedom than before. Typography makes up for almost 90% of the website design. This figure is a proof of how typography can impact your website.

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