Web Design Best Practices

When it comes to web design there are a number of elements that can make a website not only stand out but drive more traffic and sales. When you may always include the basic information and details there are some key components that can really enhance the website. Here a few of these key features you will want to start considering including in your design from now on.

Best Practices for Web Design

Call to Actions

Call to Action - Web Design Best Practices

A call to actions is one of the easiest ways to get viewers to engage even further with the web page. The basic purpose of a call to action is to entice the viewer to perform an action, most often it is signing up for a mailing list or could be to obtain a free download. The most popular types of call to actions are ones that have a one-time click action which either allows the viewer to buy a specific item or that directs them to additional information.

Image Captions

Image Caption - Web Design Best Practices

This key element is often neglected and looked over. Image captions allow you to add in personal touches of your unique style. When an image caption is done correctly it can reinforce the overall look of the web design and add more visual appeal. Theses image captions can also end up being a distinguished identifier for a brand or website. These captions can be simple and minimalist giving off a professional business feel as is often used on news websites or online portfolios. Or the captions can be more colorful and eye-catching, which features effects and the captions are overlaid on the image.


Breadcrumbs - Web Design Best Practices

Breadcrumbs make is much easier for viewers to navigate the website by reducing the number of actions the individual has to take to get to a high-level page. These breadcrumbs also provide a visual aid for viewers and can be great sources of information for landing pages.

Search Box

Search Field - Web Design Best Practices

Believe it or not, the search box is the most commonly used element of a web page, especially if the content on the web page is not well organized. This small detail can give the homepage a bit of life with a simple box and easy functionality.

Progress Trackers

Progress trackers are vital for online stores because they provide the users with an easy to follow a multi-step process that lets the users know exactly where they are in the process. Many times online stores lose a number of online shoppers because they get frustrating during the process and simply leave without ever finishing the steps. They could be on the final step and not even know it. The progress tracker lets the user know what step they are on and how many steps they have left before they are done.

These simple and often overlooked design practices can help you create a much more visually appealing and user-friendly site. Some of these elements can even provide you with a consistent reference to direct new clients too. Include these five elements into your next design and put your own unique twist on them so they really stand out.

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